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Prettiest Mulch EVER!

And not just pretty mulch, but FREE mulch. Easy mulch. Nature’s mulch. How I love the bigleaf Maple (Acer macrophyllum) trees along my driveway! Looking up into the canopy at any time of the year brings on a rush of … Continue reading

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Miniature Champagne Bouquet

Is there anything cuter than a miniaturized version of something? When I opened my Christmas present from my niece Sarah and discovered the tiny bottle of prosecco, it elicited the same response I have to kittens. I knew the adorable … Continue reading

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Perfume Bottle Bouquet of Gold Lace Primrose

Could there be a cooler looking flower? I remember when I first saw Gold Lace Primrose (Primula x polyantha ‘Mahogany Sunrise’), I was smitten with the combination of deepest, velvety red with bright gold. I associate these rich, warm colors … Continue reading

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Natural Car Air Freshener–Viva Verde

This week I was gifted an inspiring idea.  I went to visit friends Eugene and Deborah’s productive garden to talk about their rain water cistern for a magazine article.  As I pulled up, Eugene handed me a green bundle and … Continue reading

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Support Your Local Christmas Tree Farm–Viva Verde

How quickly the fall season has transitioned into the “holiday” season.  The speed from which we go from autumn color to wreaths is mind blowing.   Time already to contemplate getting our Christmas tree.  In the hustle and bustle of the … Continue reading

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The No Plastic Shopping Bag Challenge–VIVA VERDE!

The challenge: Can you come home from shopping without a single plastic bag? I have gotten used to taking cloth shopping totes; a motley selection of different sizes and styles hangs out in the back of my car awaiting both planned … Continue reading

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Perplexing Plastics–Viva Verde

Whenever I make a purchase, I try to be conscious of what I am buying and I am sure you are no different.  I come at the decision from so many angles–financial, ecological, political, aesthetic, and so on.  Is it … Continue reading

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NW Flower & Garden Show–Rain Barrels of Fun

The Northwest Flower & Garden Show opened Wednesday and I was thrilled to get out of the rain and enjoy some garden theatre at the WA State Convention Center in Seattle where inside it is already spring!  As always, the … Continue reading

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GET REAL: Choose a fresh-cut Christmas Tree—VIVA VERDE

Did you know that the first embellished Christmas tree originated in Latvia in 1510? It’s remarkable to think that the tradition that I’ll be engaging in this weekend spans 500 years.  If only the individual who with serendipity decorated that … Continue reading

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Recycled Glass that Rocks!

Do you like to make things?  Are you on the lookout for interesting garden art? Do you use salvaged materials?  If so, you ought to know about Bedrock Industries inSeattle. Always worth the ferry trip, a visit to Bedrock stirs … Continue reading

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