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Arum italicum (Italian Arum)—New WA State Noxious Weed

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Arum italicum in May I have Arum italicum (Italian arum) in my garden, and in fact, 4 years ago I posted an ode to its beauty and ease of care in the garden.  I will be digging it out…

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Winter bloomers for Beneficial Insects

  Today I took advantage of a break in the rainy weather and went out to pull shotweed.  The Sarcococca and white forsythia (Abeliophyllum distichum) were perfuming the damp air.  Both shrubs had a barely perceptible cloud of tiny flies … Continue reading

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Garden Bloggers Decay Day

Of course, Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is popular. Everyone wants to feast their eyes on flowers, but at this time of the year, flowers are passé.  Now we celebrate harvest and relish fall colors.  Autumn leaves, whose bright hues are initiated … Continue reading

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James Kelsey Studios Art Sale September 22 & 23, 2012

Garden tours are a popular way to spend a weekend day in the summer.  This year alone, I’ve been on three, each time coming away with inspiration and respect for other people’s talents and accomplishments. Recently I have noticed that … Continue reading

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Insectopedia–Perennial Bookworm

Insectopedia, Hugh Raffles, 2010.  Pantheon Books, 465 pages, 9.44” x 6.36”, $29.95 (hardcover). This ia a thought provoking read that will appeal to those who like to delve into mankind’s attitude toward the natural world.  Formatted unusually into small sections titled … Continue reading

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