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A Win for Pollinators in WA

Great news for pollinators in WA state!  The Governor signed SB 5253 into law this spring, establishing an impactful pollinator health policy.  Did you know that pollinator species are critical to our wild spaces and agriculture?  In addition to over … Continue reading

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Knowing Shade

Shade.  When we garden in the Maritime Pacific Northwest (or anywhere), we ought to welcome it.  Adore it.  Explore it. With majestic trees comes the blessing of shade and its numerous quirky personalities. Beyond bland generalities of part shade or … Continue reading

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Let It All Soak In: Rain Garden Resources

Thank you for joining me for an webinar introduction to Rain Gardens. Here is a list of resources specific to Western WA and Clark County, WA: Publications Rain Garden Handbook for Western Washington Homeowners.  WA Department of Ecology Publication Website. … Continue reading

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Easy Home-Grown Sprouts

Sprouts are nutritious and add crunch, texture and flair to dishes.  If you love sprouts, you’ll know that finding them at even the best stocked grocery store is difficult.  Delicate and perishable, when available, they tend to come in plastic … Continue reading

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Sometimes I forget that I am blessed with options and get caught up in self-imposed, rigid ways of doing and being.  To counter this, I have decided to be an “Artist-in-Residence” this month. You may be familiar with these programs.  … Continue reading

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Since the start of the new year I’ve been pondering a few of my many blessings… 1. Friends who visit my garden and don’t see any weeds 2. The song of wind in the trees 3. Kneepads and gloves 4. … Continue reading

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CYA (Cover Your Actinomycetes*)

*Actinomycete–filamentous bacteria that give healthy soil its characteristic “earthy” smell. I just got around to covering my empty vegetable beds to safeguard my soil. Quite often I miss the late summer/early fall window to put out cover crop seed and … Continue reading

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Prettiest Mulch EVER!

And not just pretty mulch, but FREE mulch. Easy mulch. Nature’s mulch. How I love the bigleaf Maple (Acer macrophyllum) trees along my driveway! Looking up into the canopy at any time of the year brings on a rush of … Continue reading

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Ghosts in the Salal

It all started for me when my neighbor, with glee, presented the animated salal leaf she found while gardening. My first thought: “How funny! My second thought, “What insect did this?”  I ran through scenarios in my mind: a variety … Continue reading

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Gardening Through Art Workshops

Friend, local artist, teacher and family farmer Elise Watness Maupin of Joyful Plant is hosting a new set of Gardening Through Art workshops starting next month.  She’s inviting folks of all experience levels to participate in monthly classes for discovery … Continue reading

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