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Since the start of the new year I’ve been pondering a few of my many blessings… 1. Friends who visit my garden and don’t see any weeds 2. The song of wind in the trees 3. Kneepads and gloves 4. … Continue reading

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Prettiest Mulch EVER!

And not just pretty mulch, but FREE mulch. Easy mulch. Nature’s mulch. How I love the bigleaf Maple (Acer macrophyllum) trees along my driveway! Looking up into the canopy at any time of the year brings on a rush of … Continue reading

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Ghosts in the Salal

It all started for me when my neighbor, with glee, presented the animated salal leaf she found while gardening. My first thought: “How funny! My second thought, “What insect did this?”  I ran through scenarios in my mind: a variety … Continue reading

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What You Learn by Looking at Your Feet: Alder Flea Beetle

Werner Herzog said, “The world reveals itself to those who travel on foot”.  Taken figuratively, walking encourages reflective, creative thinking that can reveal the true nature of things that bedevil us.  Literally speaking, walking allows us to slowly take in … Continue reading

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Shelter in the Garden

Anytime I feel worried, distracted or stressed out, the garden is my refuge. As my husband and I shelter at home, we, like many of you, have found solace outdoors and in observing the creatures with whom we share our … Continue reading

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Attract Bats to your Garden with the Rocket box

Are you interested in attracting bats to your garden?  If so, this is a great time of year to plan for their arrival.  Many of the bats we see here in the Northwest have either gone south for the winter, … Continue reading

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Looking for Lichens on New Year

2013 came in auspiciously with the crisp, sunny day we enjoyed.  It was so beautiful outdoors I had to get out with my camera.  On chilly winter days it can be easy to assume the garden is asleep but those … Continue reading

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